The Manufacturer of Rassan quality Skin care creams and products

Corporate Office:  Africa Blvd. Tehran, Iran

Factory: Industrial City of  Semnan, Phaze 2 , Danesh St.  ,  Semnan - Iran        

Fissa Cosmetic & Hygienic Co. is owned and operated by a group of western educated Persians. For the past 22 years, we have been active in the importation of raw materials for pharmaceutical and cosmetic development and manufacturing.  We are a holding agency for some world renown European manufacturers that included Giulini Chemie GmbH out of Ludwigshafen, Germany.

In 1995, our company constructed a 10,000 Sq. meter cosmetic and hygienic plant with the latest European technology and machinery in the Industrial City of Semnan, Iran.

Since 1998, our company has created and produced several specialized skin care products available in 50 ml tubes under the brand name Rassan and in 130 ml containers under the brand name Glodeh.  The Rassan Team of dermatologists, pharmacists and bio-chemists combined their extensive experience in cosmetic science to ensure the effectiveness of Rassan’s skin care products.  The time tested formulas and highly selected ingredients of each of our products are supplied under the cooperation from the best Western European sources.  Before our product enters the market place, each cream undergoes a series of rigorous tests during and after production to ensure their long lasting effectiveness.

All products are guaranteed for quality and satisfaction. Other products that we are permitted to produce under license issued by the Iran Ministry of Health include lipstick, Eau de toilet, Deodorant, Perfume, and toothpaste.